Your First Appointment

To make an appointment please do the following:

  • Phone 02 9261 5336 to book: You do not need a referral from your GP, unless you wish to claim Medicare.
  • Arrange to see your GP if you wish to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) in order to access Medicare for a Rebate.
  • Check here if you are covered by one of our approved Private Health Insurance Providers if you wish to make a private claim for rebate (note: you cannot make a Medicare Claim if you use this option. Rebates may be higher through Private Insurance Providers – please check your insurance cover and options).

It is important to know that all information given by you to your psychologist is completely confidential and will not be communicated to anyone other than your referring GP (if you have a referral) without your expressed permission.

At your first appointment, your psychologist will ask you questions about your physical health, diet, sleep and other relevant factors that may contribute to your problem. From this, you may be asked to complete a few questionnaires/surveys regarding symptoms you are experiencing related to your concerns. Your psychologist will then ask you in detail about the history of your problem (how it started, when you first noticed it, etc) and listen to your concerns in detail. After this, your psychologist will give you an appraisal of your problem and what they believe is the best course of therapy to assist you in overcoming your symptoms, or managing the problem. A treatment plan will be discussed and agreed upon. From there, a second appointment is made in order to commence therapy with the aim of resolving the problem.

Typically, most clients see a psychologist on average for 6 sessions (depending on the severity of the problem). However, in some cases it may be a one-off consultation that results in a solution focused outcome that can be offered during the initial consultation.