Seminars and Workshops

Our psychologists conduct topical seminars or workshops at your office, school, or community group. Clear Horizons schedules public and private seminars on popular current topics including:

  • Strive High (from Kids and Teens Group) - Resilience building workshop
  • Bully-Proof Your Child - Education and techniques to reduce bullying
  • Divorce: What Happens to your Kids? - Education and techniques in helping your children cope
  • Helping Kids Deal With Death
  • Where Did My Little Boy Go? Understanding the changes in teenage boys and helping to promote healthy behavioural growth.
  • Are Video Games Ruining Your Kids?
  • Give Your Kids an Exam Edge
  • Becoming Mentally Tough - Resilience trainins for adolescents who need direction
  • Academic Skill Can Only Take You So Far... - Learning to adapt and be proactive in a challenging world
  • Your Children Are NOT Your Friends! - Parent seminar for those with challenging children

We can also develop tailored seminars for your community group or organisation based on a topic of your choosing. If you would like to speak to us more about seminars, please complete the enquiry form on the contact page.