Stress Less @ Boundary Lane

On 23rd April 2013 our Psychologist Yana Belogiannis co-presented a 'Stress Less' seminar for parents and staff at Boundary Lane Children's Centre, together with Financial Advisor Nick Pride, from our partner company - Lifeplan.  Life Plan and Clear Horizons are committed to a common goal and that is; to help protect families against life’s uncertainties, at an affordable rate, so they can maximise their life satisfaction and enjoyment.

Key points from psychologist Yana Belogiannis:

  • Common stressors for parents (juggling family, work, money responsibilities)
  • How stress impacts the body physiologically, emotionally, interpersonally.
  • Practical strategies to reduce stress. Deep breathing, Mindfulness, Flow Activities and Value Identification (i.e. what is important to me - career, family, health, relationship and community domains - and how to close the gap between what I want and what I'm currently doing.)

Parents are encouraged to contact us for more information on counselling, assessment and workshop services that can support children, adults and families.


Key points from financial advisor Nick Pride:

  • Values define the life we want to create for our family, and Goals are how we get there.
  • Motivation is what drives us, and putting in place a simple financial plan can ensure our fears don’t hold us back.
  • Through a few simple easy steps, we can stop stressing about the day to day and know that our family’s financial future is secured and on track.
  • Having a little bit going a long way in the background, be it getting ahead of the mortgage, giving our child the very best head start or a much needed holiday means we can focus on enjoying what’s truly important in life: our family.

The steps to stressing less:

  1. Know your goals and when you want to achieve them – more doesn’t always equal happy.
  2. Know how much risk you are comfortable taking in reaching your goals, too little and you won’t reach your goals, too much can derail your goals.
  3. Once you know your goals, set a budget, but instead of paying the day to day and stressing about how much you can spend and save, make your savings automatic into a separate account first, so you know that once you’ve met the bills, whatever is left is yours to spend.
  4. Always have a foundation in place – if illness or injury strikes, make sure your family’s future is protected and you have some emergency ‘rainy day’ funds.
  5. Shop around – mortgages are at historically low rates and now is a great opportunity to secure the best deal for your situation.
  6. Consider paying weekly instead of monthly to help free up cashflow or, if you have spare funds, contribute a little more on a weekly basis to get ahead of the mortgage. 

Support beyond the workshop