Expel Bullying from your school

Bullying is a long standing social and moral dilemma. It causes short and long term distress for all involved. Kids and teens adopt specific roles in a bullying situation based on their personality traits, social expectations, family values and educational guidance. These roles give insight into their level of resilience; that is their ability to learn from and work through difficult experiences. 

On April 26th 2013 our 'Expel Bullying' seminar was presented to the heads of staff from The McDonald College, Strathfield. Both school based (e.g. physical, verbal and relational bullying) and virtual bullying (e.g. internet and mobile devices) was explored by looking at a broad understanding of resilience.

Staff were able to identify the factors that influence a child's adoption of specific roles in the bulling paradigm. For example, children who are exposed to attitudes such as "other's misfortunes are not your concern," are likely to adopt a bystander role when witnessing a wrongdoing. 

Implications and long term consequences of bullying, on both a mental health and societal level, were made clear to staff for everyone involved including;  bullies, targets, bystanders, assistants, parents, siblings, teachers, principals, counsellors and the wider community. For instance, bystanders' avoidant behaviour not only services to enhance the target's humiliation and the bully's empowerment, but also decreases their own confidence in confronting fearful situations and lowers their empathy and moral responsibility. This can have serious consequences for their own relationships, achievements and resilience in working through life's unexpected hurdles.

A particular emphasis was placed on effective and practical avenues of support within the school setting. This involved exploring the schools bullying protocol, restorative justice techniques, whole school wellbeing initiatives and external support agencies.

On behalf of Clear Horizons, I wish to thank all dedicated heads of staff that participated in the Expel Bullying seminar on 26th April 2013 at The McDonald College.

Please contact us for more information on our Expel Bullying seminar and how it can support your school or community organisation.