CHERI Conference - Bullying

Bullying is a long standing social and moral dilemma. One student in every four is affected by bullying in Australian schools, according to research commissioned by the Federal Government. School based and cyber bullying creates significant emotional and social distress for children, their parents and school community. Research has shown an association between school bullying and anti-social and criminal behaviour, increased school drop-out rates as well as acute and chronic mental and physical health problems.

While the contributing factors for peer victimization stem from a combination of individual differences, family dynamics and school experiences, schools have an important role in providing early intervention and helping address the debilitating effects of bullying among youth.

Our Psychologist, Yana Belogiannis was asked by The Children's Hospital at Westmead: Education Research Institute (CHERI) to present her ‘Expel Bullying’ seminar on 4th September 2014 at their annual conference. Her interactive presentation explored practical and effective methods of support for those involved in traditional and virtual bullying. This included bullying roles, resilience factors, restorative justice practices, whole school wellbeing initiatives and the use of external support agencies. The audience was responsive and appreciative of her insights into this social phenomenon. These strategies have been employed and creatively adapted to diverse schools and community groups by the clinical and teaching staff of Clear Horizons Psychological Services.